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Hard working day and big party plans for the night? These are exactly the days you should go for the primelook. The primelook is a half completed look, that is just enough during the day, but can be built up for the night in less than 10 minutes... promise!

Since I usually decide spontaneously how to wear my hair for the night, I like to leave it let down during the day. That way I can both straighten or curl it within a few minutes and don't have to worry about hair tie marks.

For my Skin I used Natural Radiance Primer from MAC to prep my T-Zone (brush), Bright Forecast Highlighter from MAC to hide any dark circles under my eyes (brush), Studio Sculpt Foundation from MAC to even out imperfections (brush)Matte Bronze Bronzer from MAC to contour, especially under my cheekbones (brush) and finlly Well Dressed Blush from MAC for that extra pop of colour (brush).

On my eyes I am wearing Sublime Nature Paint from MAC, which is a creamy eyeshadow that creates the perfect base for the strong eye make-up to come (brush)... Photogravure Eye Kohl from MAC (brush), Studio Fix Boldblack Lash Mascara from MAC and Spiked Brow Pencil from MAC (brush)

 On my lips I am wearing my favourite lipstick of the moment... It's Rouge Ecstacy 102 Essenza from ARMANI 

Don't forget to find out how I turned this primelook into a glamorous, smokey nightout look... comping up soon!

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