10 Minute Upgrade

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As promised, I'm now going to reveal my favourite products and brushes which transform a casual Primelook into a glamourous nightout makeup in less than 10 minutes!

To create a more dramatic eye makeup, I added a little bit of "Deeply Dashing" Pressed Pigment from MAC to my lid (brush), blended along my crease with "Shale" Eyeshadow from MAC (brush),...

...traced a thin line with "Photogravure" Eye Kohl from MAC very close to my lower waterline and completed the look by highlighting along my lower lashline with "Eyes to Kill" #9 Eyeshadow from ARMANI (brush)

My secret tip: apply the pressed pigment and eyes to kill eyeshadow  wet to get that extra bright metallic effekt. Use MAC's Fix+ Spray to help yourself out! 

Once the eye makeup is done, it's enough to touch up the skin and lips. Just make sure not to forget the final and most important step... Fix+ Spray from MAC, for that glowy satin finish.

Feel free to apply false lashes, for an extra dramatic look. This time I went without.

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