Sun's out, guns out

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As much as we all love the summer, we should not forget that our body, skin and hair are having a hard time, while we try to soak up every possible sunray. Our skin and lips become dry, our hair feels frizzy and the eyes tend to get teary. To avoid these issues as good as possible, I'm now going to show you which products I like to carry with me every time I lay down for a tan. 

Makeup bag from Ahlens, 12€

Bkikini from Gina Tricot, 20€

Mineralize Charged Water from MAC, 22€ keeps the skin hydrated and refreshed ; Deodorant from Nivea, 1€ 

Shades from Ahlens, 20€

Vaseline for dry lips, 2€ ; Bepanthen for dry and teary eyes, 3€

Invisibobble hair tie, 5€ especially great for dry or chemically treated hair ; Hair oil from SexyHair (free mini sample) against frizz dryness due to salt water

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