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Every year in May, right on time for the first serious sunrays I visit my friends and family in Boras, Sweden. It's the place where I remember growing up and having the best childhood possible. 

Especially this time a year, it feels like the most beautiful place in the world. The sun wakes you up early and sets late at night. The beauty of the nature is too hard to capture on pictures. The air smells just like summer and the swedish delicacies taste better than ever. That's why I love to spend every second eating, shopping and simply enjoying. 

Follow me trough one day in beautiful Boras... 

RAYBAN Aviator Shades

My 'Lycka' necklace was a gift from my best friends. They had it made for me. I love it and wear it all the time. 

Top from FOREVER21, Hotpants from H&M

Hairpiece from INDISKA , one of my favourite stores

Cardigan from KAPPAHL, Sneakleather bag from MINORITY. 


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