I heart Sverige - Part II

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In this part of 'I heart Sverige' I wanna show you my favourite shopping places in Boras, Sweden. Stores I visit at any chance I get... 


I believe it's obvious why "Hjärterum" is one of my fave stores...

...they sell fashion, accessories, furniture and any kind of decoration items.

Their style is unique, romantic, classic and timeless. 

The clothes are an exclusive selection of high quality pieces. 
Check out their homepage: www.hjarterum.net

'The little showroom' is a small boutique in Boras City. Their pieces are an exclusive selection of...




...and accessories.

Feel free to visit their website  www.thelittleshowroom.se 

Since I'm obsessed with interior design, 'Indiska' is a must every time I'm in sweden. 

They have such special, beautiful items for every room of the house. 

It buggs me everytime I realize that I can't possibly fit everything I would want into my suitcase. 

Their tea cups are my fave souvenirs. They're beautiful and I can never have enough of them.
Shop for clothes, accessories and decoration here: www.indiska.com

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