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"I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet." is what Carrie Bradshaw once said... and boy was she right! In times of economic crisis, distrust in banking operations and exploding living expenses... where could it be more safe... or beautiful to watch?! To be true to ourselves... we shop when we're happy and we shop when we're not. Whatever situation, shopping fulfills us with satisfaction and simply makes us feel better. Even if only for that one moment we walk out that door with our fancy bag dangling down our wrist. But why is that? What makes us bear down all our senses and pull the credit card, already knowing its going to be one too many times? And is it really that bad?

After a 2-year phase of spending ridiculously much money on clothes (I saw the price tag hanging on even after months), shoes (that were too uncomfy to spend a night in), and bags (I could barely fit my lipgloss in) and spoiling myself with luxurious goods on a regular basis I decided to shift down a gear. I braced myself and avoided shopping for six months. It was hard, but the money I saved could have bought me a second-hand compact car. That opened my eyes. Since I now had experienced both sides of shopping behaviour, I decided to walk the middle course and treat my finances with more responsibility, as far as cutting down on unnecessary shopping sprees and instead appreciating what I have.

Ever since... I've been both plundering sales departments and indulging myself with a healthy dose of fancy pieces. Now that I'm more and more comfortable with my choices, I wanna show you where I shop for high quality but still affordable goodies... I'm sure Carrie would agree. 

TIFFANYS & CO.. is one of my favourite stores when it comes to gifts... there's nothing like the sparkle in a girls eyes while she's unwrapping that turquoise box...

LIEBESKIND. I've been loving this brand ever since I bought my very first bag there. The leather is to die for, the colours and shapes are too hard to pick and the prices are more than fair considering the quality. The bags I got were 200-300 €.

LEIB & SEELE is my number one store for exclusive, special pieces. Their clothes, shoes and bags are limited, high quality but still affordable. 

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