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Last week, untypically me, I left my Make-up bag at my parent's house. Everything, EVERYTHING was in that bag. I gave my best to avoid a panic attack and still try to get ready for work. And really, I managed to replace some products... but missing the following ones really made it hard to complete the look. Thats when I realized how much I love and need them. Take a look... 

Fix + Spray, Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer, Prep + Prime Transparent Pressed Powder from MAC ; Photo Finish Foundation Primer from SMASHBOX ; Touche Éclat from YVES SAINT LAURENT

First of all I apply my primer. It smoothens the skin, refines pores and makes the foundation last all day. To moisturize my eye area and to protect it from heavy make up, I love the Vibrancy Eye primer. It soaks in quickly and creates the perfect base for any concealer. To highlight my cheekbones, I perfer to use a liquid concealer. I find the YSL Touche Éclat perfect for that. Once my skin is all covered, I use transparent powder to set my foundation. It prevents the skin from shining and the foundation from greasing. When I'm done with everything, I spray on the MAC Fix + Spray. It gives a natural glow and leaves a porcelain teint.

Concealer Pro Palette 'Medium': This palette is perfect for a normal to combination skin. By mixing your matching colour with one of the orange shades, you can cover blueish circles under the eyes, but also neutralize red spots with the yellow tones. I love mixing whichever shade I need. Blot Powder: This powder is perfect for the handbag. It mattifies and sets foundation without adding too much colour during the day. Perfect for an oily t-zone. MAC  

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