I heart Sverige - Part I

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Finally, after a looong year of good and even more not so good things happening, I was able to take a few days off and fly to Boras, Sweden. That's something I do every year in spring. Boras is the place where I grew up, before moving to Germany. So I love to go there and visit my friends and family. There is no place that feels more like home to me than Boras. On every corner, there is a nice café where you can get a nice cup of coffe and snacks like 'Kanelbullar'. In Sweden we call that 'fika'. Simply getting together with friends and enjoying a quick talk over delicious pastry. Often, that happens after endless hours of shopping. And just when you think you've made it trough every cute store around, there is still a lot more to discover in Göteborg. The next big city, only a 30min car ride away. Now, enough of the talk. See for your self...

Boras City


Café Viskan by the river Viskan

The view: Viskan river 

Stadtsparken - the city park

fountain at the city park

Breakfest buffet at Viskan

fresh juice, bread, fruit and much more...

new statue 'house of knowledge' in front of the textile museum

textile museum

the food company restaurant inside the textile center

typical fika

nelly outlet - open during summer

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