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I hate to play favourites with my brushes, because I love them all... but to make the choice easier for those of you, who need a little help picking the right ones... I cut it down to 9 of my most important brushes. Also, I'll tell you why they cost, what they cost... and teach you how to clean and take care of them... 

With the exception of a few, I mostly use MAC brushes. I have to admit, they do cost a lot. The brushes are produced in 100% handwork. It's eather real hair, synthetic hair, or a combination of both. Depending on the desired function. The grip is mainly made of birchwood, which is very stable. So they're practicly unbreakable. Even after years, they never look used... and the most important justification for the price is the fact that you can simply achieve perfect results. Before buying a professional brush though, always remember my personal piece of advice: never buy a brush that doesn't fulfull at least 3 functions for you! 

These three are my favourite brushes for the skin. From left to right: MAC #150 , MAC #187 , Ebelin 'blush brush'

After applying my primer with the fingers, I pump my foundation on the back of my hand. I dip the #187 duo fibre brush in the foundation and start polishing it into my skin, until it's perfectly blended. 

For contouring under my cheeks, I use the #150 brush and  a matte bronzer, then I apply blush with my Ebelin 'blush brush'  on the apples of my cheeks. This blush brush I have stuck with for 8 years now. It cost 3€ and I love it. 

These are the brushes I use for the eye area. From top to bottom, from left to right: ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS 'brow brush' ,  MAC #213 , MAC #217 , MAC  #224 , MAC #219 , MAC #266

The #224 brush I use to polish the concealer into my skin. It blends perfectly. Of course you can also use it to blend eyeshadows, since it is a classic blender brush. 

With the #219 brush I love to blend soft eye kohl pencils along the upper and lower lashline. This way I can create a soft and smoky eyeliner. A must for smokey eyes! With the #213 brush, I apply the main colour of my look precisely, before blending it with the #217 blender brush. The #217 blends and softens sharp edges perfectly and defines the eyes beautifully, when you blend a darker colour on your crease. It's my absolute must have brush!

With the #266 angled liner brush, you can either apply gel eyeliner easily or fill in your brows by using a matte eyeshadow in your natural haircolour. 

Here's one last brush I would like to show you. It comes with the BARE MINERALS night treatment, which I'm currently using instead of foundation and it's attached to the cover of the box. It makes the application so easy and quick and looks perfectly natural. The powder is a mineralized powder that leaves your skin glowy with a satinfinish. Perfect for summer. 

To assure your brushes will last for a long time and stay clean and hygienic, use a BRUSH CLEANSER! Pour it on a paper towel and clean your brushes in a rotary motion once a week. Depending on how often you use them, you can also wash them with a PH-neutral soap or shampoo every 2-4 weeks. Leave them drying like this: 

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions about professional brushes. Now, have fun shopping for some! 

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