Hello Summer!

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Stripes, polka dots, sculls, stars, hearts,... they all come and go. But anyway, nothing says 'Summer' like the good old flowerprint. Always fashionable, always in style. Just when you feel like you have nothing to wear, there is always that one colourful flowery piece that gleams through the dreary heap of banal clothing. And if not... be sure to run to the next store and get at least one, quick! 

( I have to admit, I bought the sunglasses for 3€ at a drugstore in Munich : )

I'm wearing an old flowerprint dress from Asos ...

... a necklace from Forever 21 ...

... and shoes, that you unfortunately will never find. I bought them at the smallest place on earth. A tiny shoestore in Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

- 16.06.2014 - 

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