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After months of whining about my shape, endless considerations about starting yet another diet - that I hadn't really wanted to do in the first place - I finally convinced myself that what I needed was not a temporary useless diet, but a change of eating habits in general. I was used to eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted because I never really gained. But the combination of that brainless behaviour and the fact that I had never in my life worked out, ever! led to constant exhaustion. Today, a few weeks after I decided to eat more consciously and work out instead of watching work-out-videos while sitting on the couch... I feel and look a lot healthier. 

always love a fresh flower on the table

whole-grain bread, cream cheese with fresh herbage, turkey Lyoner, vegetables, lemonade and yoghurt with bananas and strawberries...

cucumber, tomatoes and radishes, my favourite choice for breakfest...

my lunch today: chicken, salad and cottage cheese

my guilty pleasure: bavarian 'Kaiserschmarrn' with apple purée, only on weekends, of course 

- 20.06.2014 -

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