Daily Skincare Routine

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Just like every girl has has her favourite products she uses on a daily basis, I have mine. The products I'm about to show you work perfectly for my skin. You should know my skintype changes from dry, to combination to oily every once in a while. However the following products I have stuck with for quite some time now. I believe they are affordable, easy to use and last forever... thats why I want to share them with you. 

To remove my make-up I use the MAC Cleanse Off OilIt removes everything you could possibly wear, even waterproof products. It's suitable for every skintype, but especially for sensitive and dry skin. You can either pour it on a pad or simply use your hands.

The next step would be the cleansing part. I treat my skin with the CLEARASONIC facial system. Basicly it's a rotating brush, which cleans your skin much deeper than you ever could with your bare hands. It's a nice substitute for a peeling. I pour a small amount of the CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap on the brush, treat my skin for 60 second, and then rinse. Secondly I either use the  AVEDA Blemish Relief Pads, or the CLINIQUE Clarifying Lotion. Depending on the condition of my skin. The pads are more for the 'bad-skin-kinda-days'.


Finally, I apply my moisturizer. I like to use the AVEDA Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion. It is extremely liquid, so you need a very small amount. Since it soaks in quickly, you can begin with your make-up routine within seconds.

Partners in crime
ANNA YAKE Extreme Lip Contour Care, which I apply every night before I go to bed.
It leaves my lips very soft and preps them perfectly for heavy and dry lipsticks.
AVEDA Blemish Spot Relief. This creme I apply as soon as I feel 'something' coming up.
It dries the spot over night.

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